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Strategies and corporate leadership

Strengthen the strategies that allow to highlight the importance of leadership, that employees feel supported and important for the company and thus achieve the proposed goals and its growth, both for the employees and for the company.
The corporate strategy is what defines the scope of the company with respect to the industries or companies with which it competes. Decisions regarding corporate strategy include many factors to consider. The two main concerns of corporate strategy are: where to compete? And how to add value to the corporation?
Leadership and transformation
Leaders have the responsibility of promoting a culture of integration, inclusion and collaboration among the various areas of the company. This implies developing specific attitudes and competencies towards proactivity, teamwork and shared responsibility for results.
Development and structuring of business plans
The structure of the business plan is a written description of a project, the amounts and the terms of its execution. Such a plan characterizes the usefulness of its existence. The structure and content of the business plan play an important role in starting the organization's activity.


Finance studies how economic agents (companies, families or the State) must make investment, saving and spending decisions under conditions of uncertainty. When choosing, agents can choose various types of financial resources such as: money, bonds, stocks or derivatives.
Financial analysis
Financial analysis seeks to obtain some measures and relationships that facilitate decision-making, certain tools and techniques are used for various purposes, among which we can mention the following: Obtain a preliminary idea about the existence and availability of resources to invest in a project determined. It gives an idea of the future financial situation, as well as the general conditions of the company and its results. We can use it as a tool to measure the performance of the administration or diagnose some existing problems in the company.
Financing is the process by which a person or company raises funds. Thus, said resources may be used to finance the acquisition of goods or services, or to develop different types of investments.
Financial modeling and projections
Financial modeling; This is the design and planning of a financial model, it is used above all when preparing a business plan or shaping the financial structure of a company. The purpose is to capture the reality of the company in an abstract model that provides a transparent image of the global situation of a company.
Analysis and investment risks in Commodities, futures and stocks.
When it comes to investing money, one of the first destinations that you think about is the stock market, but there are other markets in which you can invest: the commodities or raw materials markets. The stock market of raw materials or commodities are markets in which products such as coffee, natural gas, oil, cocoa, corn, gold, etc. are bought and sold. Each product has its own market made up of buyers and sellers. Products are traded on commodity exchanges through futures contracts.

Migratory Services

We have a team of experts in immigration law, among the services we provide are the following: Compilation of material related to the career or business to organize and outline each case in particular in its presentation at immigration. Preparation of letters and petitions for immigration. Continuous monitoring of each case providing all the necessary support to attend to possible improprieties that may arise during your process. Solve any doubts that may arise during the process and thus help you make the best possible decisions for your case. Sending, receiving and delivering files or portfolios. Preparation and organization of documents to support sponsorship and activities to be carried out. Alliances with organizations that support the incursion of new talents to the American market.
Type A Visa
For diplomats or foreign officials. It is divided into 3 categories:
A1 Visa: It is granted to foreign diplomats traveling on an official mission to the United States.
A2 Visa: For intermediate rank military officials who are assigned to an embassy or consulate in the United States.
Type B Visa
It is granted to travelers who are going to stay in the United States for a maximum of 6 months. There are 2 categories:
Visa B1: It is granted to those who travel for business reasons. for B2 Visa: For tourists
Transit Visa Type C
It allows foreigners to enter the United States and stay in the territory for a short period. Ideal for travelers whose final destination is another country, but want to take a short break and do not have a B1 or B2 visa
Type E Visa
E1 / E2 Visa: It is granted to foreign workers whose countries have trade agreements with the United States.
E-3 Visa: For Australian Skilled Workers
EB Type Visa
They are awarded to permanent workers or investors. EB-1 Visa: It is granted to priority workers with special abilities, outstanding professors and researchers or to executives and managers of foreign companies.
EB-2 Visa: For professionals with an advanced degree.
EB-3 Visa: Issued to unskilled workers.
EB-4 Visa: For Special Immigrants.
EB-5 Visa: For those who want to invest in a business in the United States
Type F Visa
Visa issued for academic and vocational purposes. According to the academic area and the institution, it corresponds to process type F or M.
F-1 Visa: For academic students.
F-2 Visa: Relatives of F-1 Visa Holders
Type H Visa
It is granted to foreigners to work in the United States and allows multiple entries in a period of 1 year.
H-1B Visa: For foreign workers with occupations that require highly specialized knowledge.
H-2A Visa: Awarded to temporary agricultural workers.
H-2B Visa: It is given to temporary workers who perform other services.
H-3 Visa: For Special Education Learners
Type I Visa
For foreign journalists and media
Type J Visa
Awarded to exchange visitors.
J-1 Visa: For people who participate in exchange programs and who are employed in the United States.
Type K-1 Visa
It is known as a Fiancé Visa. It is used for a United States citizen to bring to the United States the person with whom she is engaged in marriage, to marry and live in American territory
Type L Visa
It is a type of labor visa, which is granted in those cases in which there is a transfer of employees within the same organization.
L-1A Visa: Transfer of Executives to Managers.
L-1B Visa: It is granted to specialized professionals.
L2 visa: For dependents of L1 visa
Type M Visa
M-1 Visa: For non-academic studies
Type O Visa
Work visa, which is issued to people with extraordinary abilities in the arts, business, science or education.
O-1 Visa: For people with extraordinary abilities.
O-2 Visa: For assistants of O-1 visa holders.
O-3 Visa: For dependents of the O-1 holders.
Type P Visa
For athletes, entertainers or entertainers and their spouses and children.
P-1 Visa: Awarded to individual or team athletes.
P-2 Visa: For artists presenting under an exchange program.
P-3 Visa: It is given to an artist or entertainer of a unique cultural program.
P-4 Visa: For the spouse or child under the age of 21 of the holders of the P-1, P-2 and P-3 visas
Type Q Visa
It is given to visitors of international cultural exchange
Type V Visa
This visa seeks to keep families together while they wait for the processing and approval of an immigrant visa.

Legal services

We offer advice and comprehensive support in all procedural and representation proceedings of our clients in different areas of law.

-Recovery of portfolio
-Administrative procedures and claims before public entities
-Review of policies, insurance contracts, and claims before insurers.
Among the specialized advisory services aimed at specific issues in the different branches of law are:
- Civil Law
- Criminal Law
- Commercial Law
- Labor Law and Social Security
- Administrative Law
- Corporate Law
- Tax Law

Innovation and entrepreneurship

Innovation and entrepreneurship are terms that have gained great importance in recent years and even in recent decades. Although it is true that they are two different concepts, most of the time innovation and entrepreneurship go hand in hand through the development of business ideas. On the one hand, to innovate is to create something by introducing something new. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship, a term that has gained great prominence, means starting a business in which an idea for a product or service is developed through a business, aimed at meeting a need in the market. Both innovation and entrepreneurship end up becoming a factor for economic and social development.
Models of social innovation
Social innovation can be defined as the development and implementation of new ideas (products, services and models) to satisfy social needs and create new social relationships or collaborations. It is aimed at improving human well-being.
Leverage of ventures
Leverage in business is as important to entrepreneurs as it is to experienced ones. This method or strategy allows companies or businesses to create synergies between various people or companies.
Valuation of ventures
When you are going to sell all or a part of your company, or you are going to receive investment, you need to know how much it is worth. This process of searching and finding this value is called “Valuation”. Its main objective is to define the benefits that the owners of the company can receive in the future.
Accompaniment in Business Creation
• Analysis and diagnosis of the project
• Development and acceleration
• Advice on the construction of the business project
• Analysis of financial needs and in the definition of the financing strategy of the project
• Advice on the value analysis of the project
• Preparation of a presentation of the project to potential investors or funders
• Support in the identification of potential investors and in the presentation of the investment opportunity
• Support in the negotiation and closing of obtaining financing


Internationalization is the process by which companies create the precise conditions to enter the international market. There is a growing tendency to direct strategy abroad and diversification. It consists of a long-term process, with a detailed plan made up of several key stages. It is not enough to have a specific presence in another country, but to be formally established in the economy of another territory. It implies the development of tasks outside the country from which the company originates.
Exports are the set of goods and services sold by a country in foreign territory for their use. An export is basically any legitimate good and / or service that the producing or issuing country (the exporter) sends as merchandise to a third party (importer), for its purchase or use.
Imports are the set of goods and services purchased by a country in foreign territory for use in the national territory. An import is basically any good and / or legitimate service that a country (called ‘importer’) buys from another country (exporter) for use.
Market opening
The search for clients requires time, effort and especially a deep knowledge of the international market. It is also necessary to know suppliers and distributors in the countries from which you want to import products. Our long experience working with the markets of the United States, Europe, Latin America and Asia allows us to contact potential clients and suppliers based on the objectives and needs of each project.
Brand positioning, goods and services
Market positioning will imply that the product is seen as unique, and that a consumer considers their purchase as it will provide them with a specific benefit. Good market positioning will stand out due to certain characteristics that will attract the target or target audience, with which in addition to being able to obtain better profits, it will also keep the competition away in terms of results.
Leverage is a strategy used to increase profits and reduce losses on an investment. It consists of using credits, fixed costs or any other tool when investing that allows multiplying the final profitability of that investment.
Business mobility
Business mobility is particularly prominent among companies that rely on field operations and services, energy sector, logistics and transportation sector, to serve end consumers, as well as field sales operations, sales teams and delivery of goods.
Migratory processes
Our immigration services are focused on the timely hiring or transfer to a certain country, taking into account all the variables that reality imposes on us. The solutions range from the analysis of the type of visa for each particular case, preparation of the necessary documentation for the visa to be applied, advice for temporary licenses, validation of titles, and representation or accompaniment before immigration authorities.